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About Diva

In 2022, the blockchain space suffered greatly with the collapse of major funds and exchanges. This was enabled by opaque and poorly managed entities, contrary to the open and transparent values of Ethereum.

And yet in 2023, Ethereum's Proof of Stake is still operated by centralized entities. This needs to change!

As Ethereum-aligned community members, we believe the answer is more transparent cryptoeconomic “can't-be-evil” systems.

The Diva story

Diva was born out of an initial DVT staking implementation from co-founding cryptographers Miguel Prada and Fernando, further developed from Apr 2023 with the help of contributors Diego, Francisco and Raúl.

The core idea of Diva is to power Liquid Staking by Distributed Validation, using cryptoeconomic systems that allow any network participant to fulfil their staking tasks more efficiently.