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Vote delegation

Participating in Diva governance can be demanding. For this reason, DIVA token holders are offered to either:

In order to become DAO members, token holders must accept their role by delegating their vote to a delegate or to themselves.

Any transfer of tokens to a new wallet invalidates the delegation, requiring those tokens to be delegated again to be active.

What is a Delegate?

Delegates are DAO members who represent DAO token holders by:

  • Discussing and curating proposals.
  • Participating on on-chain governance and voting.

These roles are crucial to participate in discussions and votes concerning the Diva Staking Protocol!

In an ideal world, every member would participate actively in governance. However, not everybody has the time or experience to review proposals. That is why you can delegate your tokens to a delegate so they may vote on your behalf. This is highly recommended for members who are less experienced or engaged.

How to pick a delegate

Go to the Tally delegates section and read carefully through the available members, reading what they stand for and their previous participation in proposals.

Once you're ready, you can delegate your DIVA tokens to somebody, or to yourself if you decide to do your own voting!

How to become a delegate

Delegates can receive vote delegations to have a bigger impact in their voting and represent like-minded community members. Note: there is no compensation for this, it is simply a community leadership role!

  1. Go to Tally, and log in with the wallet holding your DIVA tokens.
  2. Edit your Tally profile, add a pic and bio using the top-right dropdown.
  3. Add a Statement on why you stand for Diva Staking, and mark that you are accepting delegations.