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DIVA Token Distribution

Approximately 15,000 addresses from Ethereum community members were offered the chance to become initial Diva DAO participants.

The token claim process ended on Aug 2023, and it's no longer available. There is no "airdrop" or "public sale".

The token contract is 0xbfabde619ed5c4311811cf422562709710db587d, watch out for scams!

The recipients of the DIVA Initial Distribution included:

  • Diva OG contributors, including early supporters, researchers, developers, advisors, and community members.
  • Ethereum Stakers from EthStaker, Rocketpool, SSV, Lido, Dappnode, etc.
  • Community members from Gnosis, Uniswap, ENS, AAVE, Maker, Aragon and other DAOs.
  • Ethereum staking dev and ecosystem contributors.

📝 See the full eligibility criteria for more details, including JSON and CSV exports.

The purpose​

The purpose of this initial distribution was to involve potential Diva users in the design of the protocol as early as possible, getting community build a system that has decentralization at its core.

You can read more on Diva’s Unconventional Approach to Decentralized Governance approach here.

Supply distribution​

The DIVA token has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 DIVA.

The ultimate goal is to distribute the entirety of the supply to community members. The current distribution is approximately:

The goal is to maximize decentralization, assigning governance power to active network participants.


The DIVA tokens, at the time of launch, are characterized as non-transferable and valueless.

Many token launches experience issues of information asymmetry, which can lead to unfair conditions for potential participants.

To counteract this, DIVA tokens are introduced as non-transferable, eliminating any speculative interest that might negatively impact decentralization and distribution fairness.

The decision regarding future transferability of the token will rest with DIVA's Delegated token holders, ensuring decisions are made in the best interest of the community.

DIVA is likely to maintain its non-transferable status unless its transferability becomes necessary for operational functionality and the advancement of decentralization.

Distribution Restrictions​

Due to legal uncertainities surrounding staking operations in the US and Canada, US and Canadian nationals were excluded from the Early Distribution.

Several other sanctioned countries have been excluded as well.