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The Staking Trilemma

Diva Staking was conceived to deliver the best balance between three aspects:

  • Trust-minimization: Eliminating trust assumptions and the influence of humans over the protocol.
  • Decentralized: Distributing operations between thousands of diversified nodes, regions, clients.
  • Scalable: Able to power large amounts of staked ETH.
DivaEthereum stakingRocket PoolLido
ScalableLow 1Ξ bondN/A🟡10.4Ξ bondNo bond
TrustlessCollateralized, immutable, ZK oracles⛔️Requires trust in the operator🟡Collateralized, partially upgradable, uses oracles⛔️Uncollateralized, upgradable
DecentralizedPermissionless nodesThousands of nodesThousands of nodes⛔️30-37 whitelisted operators